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Project Description
The Gov 2.0 Kit makes it easier for federal and state and local governments to fast-track their Gov 2.0 deployments and leverage existing Microsoft SharePoint™ 2010 deployments through the use of accelerator templates. These templates allow government agencies to gear their sites around some of the emerging key trends in eGovernment today!

What is the Gov 2.0 Kit?
The next generation of government (also known as Open Government/Government 2.0) is focused on not only bringing government information, data, transactions to the fingertips of citizens, but also on connecting the relationships between government itself to the communities it serves.
With enhancements that include Microsoft SharePoint accelerator templates to streamline site development and a focus on both internal and external collaboration and integration with social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, the Gov 2.0 Kit helps you make government more transparent, participatory, collaborative, and streamlined than ever before. Using the kit, you can provide an enhanced user experience to citizens who search or browse federal or state and local government sites that will help them quickly find information and complete services with increased ease and satisfaction.


'MyPeeps' - What's on your mind? Gov 2.0 Kit 'My Peeps' templates enable social sharing of information within government entities and allows optional promotion of this information to public facing social networking sites. This solution’s major advantage is that it is hosted on-premise for “government-only” social networking and all information is kept internal unless otherwise tagged to be posted to Internet sites like Twitter or Facebook.


Improved User Experience - Liven up your public facing eGov site! Gov 2.0 public facing portal templates maximize your portal experience by featuring the most relevant information and allowing site users to find information quickly. We have incorporated Twitter Feeds, RSS, Social Networking, and Video News parts right into the page.


Connect With Your Constituents - Allow communication channels through idea, complaint, question formats as well as blog participation - all of which give the community a voice and allows you to serve the community even better. This integrates directly with Constituent Relationship Management software for your office staff to track correspondence and critical constituent issues.


Intranet - Enhance Your Back Office! Use Gov 2.0 intranet templates to enhance your back office experience by quickly bringing technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint™, Dynamics, BI, Live Meeting (and more) together in one place!


Upcoming Features

Release Schedule
Enhanced MySite for Microsoft SharePoint™ 2010 V2 - _May 22, 2010
Enhanced MySite for Microsoft SharePoint™ RC1 - _October 23, 2009
Share Button Template RC1 - Oct 30, 2009
Twitter Web Part Template RC1 - Oct 30, 2009

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